Posted on: February 26, 2008 11:20 pm

The Devils Trade Deadline Dud!

As the Penguins get better with their new rental player the New Jersey Devils aquire one more defensemen for a total of nine active blueliners.

Bryce Salvador joins the Devils as their only trade deadline move. Salvador arrived in New Jersey early this evening and is expected to complete a physical on Wednesday. He will likely join his new team mates on Friday against the Washington Capitals at the Prudential Center.

GM Lou Lamoriello stated at 3:16 PM that the Devils were completely done with moving players. His goal was expected to be two defensemen and one top six forwards. All Lamoriello acheived was one defenseman.

Apparently according to sources a deal was in place to aquire center Robert Lang from the Chicago Blackhawks. Word was that the Blackhawks pulled out of the deal.

Trade deadline day as come and passed and the Devils aren't any better. The Penguins and Capitals sure are, but Lou Lamoriello continues to remain a mystery since July 1, 2007.

Now all the Devils have is this..................

Thank you Lou.

Posted on: February 6, 2008 11:54 pm

Still in Shock Over the Super Bowl Win!

I thought the Giants were going to have a terrible season at the beginning of the season I was predicting a 7-9 season as one of my friends was telling me no way we are going to have a great season and this was back in July. Boy was I wrong and this magically run to the Super Bowl really was one to remember. I still can't believe it. I cried with tears of joys as the Giants stormed the field in celebrate the improbable upset. I'm finally getting my voice back after screaming and yelling during the Super Bowl.

I'll never forget this playoff run, as I was too young to recall Super Bowl XXV. This one will be one I'll talk about the rest of my life as one of the best moments in my life. I wore the Devils 2003 Stanley Cup t-shirt under my Osi jersey during the back for good luck, I ate the seem meal during each playoff game Buffalo Wings, listened to Say Anything in my car before I arrived at my friend's house before each playoff game, I drink Gatorade Rain before each game began, and wore the same hat for each game. I know I have a problem, lol but the Giants truly proved they are World Champions and Eli Manning is turning into an amazing quaterback.

Posted on: January 21, 2008 12:56 am

The Leafs Game

I just finished watching the Devils game on my DVR and they should have destroyed the Leafs instead of a tough 3-2 victory but 2 points is 2 points. John Madden, Martin Brodeur, Travis Zajac and Danius Zubrus played great games.

Let's Go Giants!!! SUPER BOWL XLII!!!!

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Posted on: January 16, 2008 2:23 pm

Islanders Pre Game 1/16

Tonight the Devils face off against the New York Islanders at the Prudential Center. The Devils are looking for their first victory against the Isles this season after going 0-3-1 against the Isles.
The Islanders are coming off of a 3-1 defeat against the Canadiens last night. As for the Devils they are on 3 game winning streak and have won 8 of the last 10.
John Madden will miss tonight's game after his ankle recieved a deep cut on Saturday against the Sabres. Barry Tallackson is called up for tonight's game. Cam Janssen practiced with the Devils for the first this season on Tuesday.
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